December 28, 2009

Cartier and America

photo: Nick Welsh/ Cartier Collection

If you have any suspicion that your boyfriend might be proposing to you sometime in the near future, you probably shouldn’t go see the Cartier exhibit at the Legion of Honor. After spending an hour marveling at the thousands of carats of gems adorning some of the most jaw-dropping jewelry ever created, you’ll be disappointed by anything smaller than the Hope Diamond.

The exhibit is extensive, as it should be for the $20 admission fee. It spans a century of Cartier’s legacy here in America and features a large collection of the famed Mystery Clocks in addition to the jewelry. I went today with my family and afterward my sister Maggie noted that eventually you become desensitized during the journey through the glass cases—the diamonds seem to lose some of their brilliance once you’ve reached the halfway point. I didn’t think it was possible, but it seems one can have too much bling.

Cartier and America is open now through April 18th.

photo: Nick Welsh / Cartier Collection

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