December 30, 2009

new year's inspiration from coco+kelley

I wish I could wear this outfit for New Year’s Eve tomorrow. A few months ago I told my friend and fellow fashion lover, Jamie Lee, that I was going to start a blog. She sent me to and it has since become one of my daily hits. Cassandra Lavalle is an interior design and fashion blogger based in Seattle and she posted the above ensemble back in October as her dream birthday outfit.

If you have yet to plan your NYE outfit, I suggest you pull out your favorite party dress (don’t worry if your friends have already seen it a few times, if you feel great in it that’s all that matters) and make a run to H&M, Forever 21, or Urban Outfitters for some festive accessories to refresh the dress or add some sparkle. Of course the stores will be packed, but at least you’ll be able to skip the dressing room line.

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