January 13, 2010

Glory Chen Shoes

Joy Chen Kolterman is a San Francisco shoe designer who understands the way women dress in this town—we want high style, yet affordable and comfortable fashion. Chen Kolterman houses two collections in her Maiden Lane store: Glory Chen (couture inclinations) is downstairs and Joy Chen (more affordable yet equally chic) is upstairs. Her shoes are made from soft leathers that feel amazing on your feet thanks to the lightly cushioned insoles and rubber soles. When I stopped by the boutique last week I wanted to walk away with twenty pairs (there was even a big sale that might still be going on) but I refrained myself because I know she’ll be coming out with a great spring line soon. Here are some of the highlights from her Fall/Winter ‘09 collection. I think my favorite is the two-in-one boot pictured below. Start with a bootie or zip on the top piece for full calf coverage.

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