January 20, 2010

menswear: estrella tadeo

A menswear post is long overdue so I’d like to introduce you to Estrella Tadeo, a local designer here in the Mission. I met her over the weekend while researching a story for Mission Loc@l. Estrella is the founder of The Mission Statement, a designer co-op on 18th and Bartlett (for more info check out the Mission Loc@l story). I was immediately drawn to Estrella’s clothes because the styles are so unique. Most of the pieces have special touches like hand-painted lines (the blue on the suit above) or contrasting, asymmetrical stitching. A lot of the items in her line are reconstructed vintage so those hand-done features add unique looks to classic styles. Estrella is an Oakland native who studied fine art and sculpture but decided to teach herself to sew. The expert tailoring on her pieces is incredible and alterations are included in the price of the garments. She makes women’s clothes too, like the scarves below. Stop by The Mission Statement on Thursday because they’re having a huge sale that will last through the weekend.

Estrella Tadeo, wearing one of own scarves


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