March 3, 2010

mission vintage: painted bird

I finally made my first trip to Painted Bird’s new location on Valencia between 24th and 25th. If you’ve never been to this vintage clothing store, it’s definitely worth a trip. The new store feels bigger than the old spot on Guerrero and it’s very well organized.They have a a great selection of clothes and accessories that somehow is usually very on trend despite its vintage status. I saw lots of floral skirts, neutrals, and crossbody bags this weekend. Past visits have rewarded me with a collarless gray blazer,  a nautical scarf, and a graphic print dress I bought for $12 and wear all the time.  I snagged a lace cardigan this time around (below) but the biggest score was the fact that my boyfriend bought two t-shirts. It’s pretty hard to convince him to shop with me so every win counts!

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