March 8, 2010

sewing project: simple skirt

When I was in middle school my mother, a gifted seamstress and craftswoman, signed me up for sewing lessons. My friend Chelsea and I did it together and our crowning accomplishments were elastic waist shorts (I believe mine were Hawaiian print) and reversible vests (either Chelsea’s or mine definitely featured sunflowers). I gave up sewing for a long time but recently had the urge to start up again. My mom gave me a machine for my birthday last year and she has helped me with a few projects since, the latest being this simple A-line skirt. Full skirts are big this season and I based mine off the J.Crew version below. I used a slightly stretchy chambray that cost $3. We didn’t use a pattern, just measured another similar skirt I already owned and added on a bit for seam allowance. The pockets turned out a little small but overall I’m pretty pleased. Thanks for your help Mom!

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