April 12, 2010

chictopia and model/bloggers

As you can imagine, I read quite a few fashion blogs. Some bloggers feature street style, others give tips on trends by highlighting celebrity fashion, some take photos of themselves in pretty outfits with nice cameras. I call this last type the Model/Bloggers and they seem to be the most prevalent lately. I like to look at these blogs, but you’ve probably noticed mission:closet does not fit in that category. It’s fun to check out what other people are wearing, but I don’t feel I get enough action items when I peruse photos from Model/Bloggers. Chictopia is a social networking site for Model/Bloggers. You start an account and upload what you’re wearing. Or you can also browse looks by body type and style to get inspiration. I’m just starting to play with it so I’ll let you know once I’ve delved a little deeper, but I’d love to hear what you think about Model/Bloggers and Chictopia. Check out the below video or play around on the site and send me your comments please!


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