April 19, 2010

the last pair

I’ve had the Cynthia Vincent for Target debut on my calendar for weeks, after seeing this pair of wedges in the April issues of In Style. Today was the first day of the sale and I knew they’d go fast. I’m moving next weekend so I’ve been pretty consumed with packing for the past two days. When I finally got to the computer today the wedges were already sold out. But I wasn’t prepared to give up. I was at my parents’ house in Berkeley to pick up some kitchenwares and decided to swing by the Albany Target on my way home, just in case they still had the shoes. I beelined to the shoe department and there was only a small rack of Vincent’s shoes. On the very bottom shelf was one pair of the wedges IN MY SIZE! Thank you Target and Cynthia, for $29.99 style.  I can’t wait to wear these colorful sandals with a casual khaki mini skirt or a pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans. 

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