May 3, 2010

ask micki: how to pack light

My dad is turning 60 in June and he is generously taking our family to France to celebrate. Of course a major part of my planning process is centered around clothing. Looking fashionable in Paris is a MUST. I’m considering only bringing a carry-on for the 2 week vacation. I know it’s a tall order, but we have a short layover and I really don’t want to worry about lost luggage. Am I capable of packing 2 weeks of fashion-forward ensembles in one small carry-on? I asked Micki Turner, my style mentor, for advice on packing light. She shared this postcard she has sent to her clients in the past:

In addition to the above tips, Micki also says: 

-You can’t have too many scarves.  They change an outfit completely and take up no space.

-I love jeans that can be worn with flats/sandals/heels.  Especially the skinny ones because you can roll them and the look is completely different.

-Take one daytime handbag and one small wallet type bag that goes over the body.

- Even if you intend to check your luggage, act like you are carrying-on.  You don’t need to have a million choices.  You can repeat items, especially the bottoms.

- Try and anticipate if you will be changing your outfit for dinner. Sometimes you end up with way too many pieces because there is not time to change into dinner clothes so you don’t need as much as you thought.

- Make sure your shoes are comfortable and your jacket is versatile. Start your wardrobe selection with these pieces in mind.

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