July 6, 2010


One of the highlights of my trip to France was hanging out with a friend from San Francisco, Jordana, who has been living in Paris for the last year. She was an excellent tour guide, especially when it came to shopping. One night we went out with a group of her friends and I found myself sitting next to the editor of a fashion magazine called Unfair. She told me I had to visit Colette—one of Paris’s premier department stores. She casually mentioned she had extra tickets to the couture shows in July if I’d still be in Paris. I left on June 18th. Le sigh.

Colette reminded me of the Co-Op department at Barney’s, only hipper and more expensive. They carry men’s and women’s clothing as well as a cool collection of books and knickknacks. Typically the store has no racks and the clothes are styled on mannequins. I happened to be there during their summer sale so they had rolled out racks and some of the accessories were slightly in my price range.

That’s a lot of fur, and I doubt it’s Grandma’s. 

I loved these asymmetrical skirts paired with power blazers. I think this as a fab look for fall at the office.

Colette really won me over when I found their collection dedicated to the 75th anniversary of DC Comics. Designers like Sonia Rykiel and Karl Lagerfeld were commissioned to create some pretty awesome pieces like the Wonder Woman Dress and Green Lantern Gloves below. Ridiculous but amazing.

In the end I took home a beautiful scarf by a British designer named Jane Carr (no relation) at almost 75% off the original price. If I hadn’t stumbled upon the sale I never would have been able to bring home such a great souvenir. Even though Colette was incredibly expensive, it was a sight to see and I’d recommend it to any fashion lover visiting Paris.

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