September 20, 2010

shine 'em up

The change of season has inspired me to clean out my closet and reacquaint myself with fall staples. I dug up three pairs of leather shoes that were horribly scuffed so one night last week I got around to shining them.

I bought a new horsehair brush and some brown polish at Walgreens and I sat on the floor of my living room. It reminded me of helping my dad shine his shoes when I was little. He stored his supplies in a wood Duckhorn wine box. I’d sit on the floor in the kitchen, inhale the smells, and watch while he transformed his shoes. Sometimes he’d let me do the brushing.

The smell of the polish and the sound of the brush stroking the leather is strangely soothing. There’s something very satisfying about polishing, or mending, or anything you’re decidedly not paying someone else to do. Afterward they were just like new. I would have taken before and after photos, but my camera is currently broken :(

Lately I’ve been blogging a lot about fall trends, and new things you can buy to augment your wardrobe, but sometimes there’s nothing better than sprucing up the items in your very own closet.

Shoe shine kit from Sarenza

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