October 31, 2010

november rain: lightweight boots

image: the sartorialist

Last week I really enjoyed focusing my blog posts on a theme so I’m trying it again this week. After the first real storm of the season, I figured it would be a good time to talk about rain gear. I used to dread getting dressed for rain because it would mean a boring North Face jacket and squishy shoes. So last year I invested in a cute pair of Jeffrey Campbell rain boots and a waterproof trench by Merrell (it’s like this one but teal and belted). The trench will last me many seasons, but the boots quickly sprung a leak so I’m looking for a new pair. I’m on the fence about going for lightweight and cute or rugged and sturdy. Today I’ll show you a roundup of lightweight options. Check back later this week for heavy duty boots, chic coats, and rainy day outfit inspiration.

lightweight rain boots
lightweight rain boots by missioncloset featuring wellies boots

The green laceups and tall beige pair are both by Loeffler Randall. While certainly chic, the heels are too reminiscent of my leaky boots so I’m hesitant to spend $150+ on either of them. The blue Vivienne Westwood booties also come in black and I love the gold buttons down the side. Aren’t the ones with the bows adorable? They would look so cute with a skirt and tights. I threw in the leopard flats for fun. They say they’re waterproof but what about the tops of your feet? I see myself stopping to empty water out halfway through my walk to Bart.

October 29, 2010

ateqah's winter wardrobe: part 6

sparkle by missioncloset featuring sequin jeans

My final recommendation for Ateqah is a top with some sparkle. Sequins add a little luxe to any occasion and we all need some bling during the dreary winter.  J.Crew has cute, affordable options. (Two of them are on sale for $14.95!) I love the striped one because it’s casual yet glam at the same time. It would look great under a camel blazer or cardigan and tucked into some peg leg pants.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my series for Ateqah. Do you have another mission for mission:closet? Holiday party dress? Winter wedding? Let me know and I’ll try to help out.

Happy Halloween! I hope you all have some fun costumes planned.

October 28, 2010

ateqah's winter wardrobe: part 5

camel layers
camel layers by missioncloset featuring a boyfriend cardigan

In case you haven’t heard, camel is the color of the season, especially for outerwear. Because Ateqah already has her navy coat, I think some lightweight layers would be the perfect way to wear the trend. You can never go wrong with a well-fitted blazer or a long cardigan. Here are some styling ideas from Net-a-Porter.

October 26, 2010

ateqah's winter wardrobe: part 4

faux fur
faux fur by missioncloset featuring a faux fur vest

Faux fur is a fab way to glam up a simple winter outfit. Stores like H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21 have good selections of inexpensive scarves and vests. I love the look of a shawl-style over a blazer so it looks like a big fur collar. Layering a vest under Ateqah’s toggle coat would keep her toasty all winter long.

ateqah's winter wardrobe: part 3

peg leg pants
peg leg pants by missioncloset featuring mango pants

When I was in Paris over the summer I saw a lot of chic women wearing light-weight peg leg pants. Now I’m starting to see them here in heavier fabrics for winter. I think they’re a great alternative to skinny jeans and they transition well from day to night. Ateqah can wear them with her oxfords or dressy heels for going out. Too cold to show skin? Try a pair of textured socks (or tights if it’s really chilly).

October 24, 2010

ateqah's winter wardrobe: part 2

chunky knits
chunky knits by missioncloset featuring long sleeve sweaters

A cozy fall/ winter trend is chunky knitwear. A heavy sweater and a scarf would be a great addition to Ateqah’s navy toggle coat for a cold New York day. You can find variations everywhere, but I was pleasantly surprised by Gap’s selection when I stopped by the Embarcadero store last week. The cable knit sweater in the collage comes in 4 different colors and they also have some great tube scarves for just $25. I couldn’t find the scarves on the website so here’s the one I purchased. It also comes in creme, black, and navy. Vintage stores are another good place to find chunky knits. Don’t forget to check the men’s section and try a wide belt on sweaters that are a tad too big.

ateqah's winter wardrobe: part 1

photo by Asiya Khaki

My friend Ateqah recently asked me for help planning her winter wardrobe, “I really need to purchase some mix-and-match basics that will get me through the long winter.” Ateqah lives in Brooklyn so the winter is especially long and cold. She already has the great navy wool toggle coat, shown above, and two pairs of heeled oxfords in black and cognac. I asked Ateqah to create a Polyvore inspiration board to help me understand what she likes. I’ll be posting every day over the next week with ideas for Ateqah, and anyone who’s getting ready for a cold winter.

AGK Inspiration Board 10.20.2010
AGK Inspiration Board 10.20.2010 by ateqah featuring wrap around sunglasses

October 20, 2010

Fall shopping: Isso

Isso boutique on 24th St. in Noe Valley has some fresh stuff for fall. I always love to see how they style their mannequins, often mixing vintage with new items. They nailed the texture trend with the belted sweater and skirt combo. The romper is from their eponymous line and comes in a few colors.  One of the owners pointed out that it would work for fall with tights or leggings and a long cardigan. I loved their selection of colorful accessories and ladylike, structured bags. Check it out next time you’re in the neighborhood.


I recently became a member of Svpply, a website for bookmarking and recommending things you like on the web such as clothes, media, and decor. Members are referred by invitation—I requested an invite from Svpply and received one a couple of weeks later. You install a plug-in to bookmark photos and they automatically go onto the homepage feed and into your saved items. It’s cool to see what other people post and to have a place to store all the things you lust after online. Above is a screenshot of some of my saved items. Check out my Svpply profile for more stuff I like.

October 18, 2010

musthave du jour: lipstick

Lipstick has become one of my favorite seasonal accessories—it’s an inexpensive way to instantly update your look. You’ve heard me express my love of red lips year-round, but right now nude and deep wine hues both feel perfectly fall.

With my fair skin, I wasn’t so sure I could pull off either color, so I went to Sephora last week to play around and get some expert advice. I told the salesperson what I was looking for and she assured me I could work both looks, it was just about finding the right shades. So I tried on lipstick until I was convinced I’d be permanently wine-stained. 

It turns out I’m a Nars fan because I fell for two colors in their new Pure Matte line, Tonkin (nude) and Volga (deep red), both shown above. The matte finish becomes a little dry but it stays in place without the fear of a lipstick-on-the-teeth catastrophe. At $25 a pop, I decided I only needed one. I bought the nude because it felt like a safer bet, though the salesgirls did an excellent job of convincing me that the dark color looked “striking” with my “porcelain” skin. 

While I love drugstore brands for glosses, I really recommend buying lipstick you can test out because it’s so hard to tell what something will look like once it’s on your lips. Here are some tips for wearing nude and a recent Style.com blog series  called “7 Days of Purple Lipstick”, just in case you still want to read more about this riveting topic!

October 17, 2010

shop for the cure

From now until October 24th you can shop at 17 San Francisco stores, save 20%, and support the fight against breast cancer. Make a $65 tax-deductible donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure at any participating merchant and request your Komen Card for 20% off at the following stores: 

Allen Edmonds
Bottega Veneta
Cafe Coton
diptyque Paris
Emporio Armani
Giorgio Armani
Glory Chen
John Varvatos
kate spade (Grant Avenue location only)
Paul Smith
The Container Store
Tory Burch

October 16, 2010

fall shoes: nude pumps

A nude pump might seem like an unlikely choice for fall, but I assure you it’s actually the perfect footwear for the season. They’re a key accessory if you want try out winter lights, and they also help balance out glam pieces like metallics and fur. Paired with skirts, dresses, and shorts, your legs will miraculous look 5 inches longer. They’re also a great pick for cropped, tailored trousers so you don’t cut your silhouette short. I love the way Alice+Olivia (above) paired them with sequins, charcoal, leggings, and party dresses for the fall collection.

photos: style.com

nude pumps
nude pumps by elisabethcarr featuring leather heels

October 13, 2010

fall shopping: candystore collective

On Monday I stopped in at Candystore Collective to check out the latest fall arrivals. The owner, Jennifer Jones, is a friend of mine, and I love all of her picks for the season. She has a great mix of clothes for every occasion that are simultaneously on trend and classics. Get in there soon because the unique pieces, like this jewel-studded leopard bracelet, never sit in the store for long. Tomorrow night (10/14, 7:00-9:00pm) stop by the Notes from Below opening night party in the boutique’s gallery for posters by Santa Cruz artist, Stacie Willoughby.

The outerwear at the shop is exceptional right now. I was dying to take home the gray striped coat and fur vest.

You know I love a good pair of booties!

I’m really feeling mixed metals paired with black and white.

The menswear is also spot-on for fall. I love the soft cotton in Tailor Stitch shirts, custom made here in San Francisco.

October 12, 2010

Love 21

My last post inspired me to make a purchase. Kelly Framel of The Glamourai blogged about two ways to wear this blouse and I fell for the print, sheer material, and bow-tie. The real clincher was that it only cost $28 from Forever 21. I went to the store but they were sold out so I ordered online. I was hesitant because it’s really hard to tell how their (typically tiny) clothes will fit. The label is Love 21 which, according to the website, is a more “sophisticated” fit. One can only assume that means larger than the teenager cuts you normally find at F21. I went for a medium and crossed my fingers. It came today and fits perfectly. While I’m savoring this heat wave, I just might style it with a pair of shorts, the way Kelly did. But when it starts to get chilly I’ll tuck it in to some tailored trousers or a high-waisted skirt with tights.

October 6, 2010

blog lovin: new faves

I’ve been trying to ramp up my twitter action lately (follow me!) and have come across a bunch of blogs to add to my Google Reader account. Here are a few of my new favorites:

Holier than Now

Anne Colville Somma is a singer/songwriter turned fashion blogger. The tagline of Holier than Now is “divine inspiration for getting dressed.” Her recent post on camel+color certainly inspired me.

photo: holierthannow.com

The Glamourai

Kelly Framel is an expert model blogger and jewelry designer. Her sunglasses collection is pretty amazing and her face is currently on posters all over Forever 21 stores.

photo: theglamourai.com


Victoria Smith showcases “bohemian modern style” on her San Francisco-based blog. She focuses on home decor, which is a nice change for someone like me who reads too many fashion blogs. Smith features guest bloggers like the awesome food writer (and my former coworker), Molly Watson. You can also check out Molly’s recipes on her blog, The Dinner Files.

photo: sfgirlbybay.com

October 4, 2010

fool-proof interview outfit

A few weeks ago my friend Cristina asked me to help her shop for interview clothes. She just graduated from college and is applying to jobs in several industries, so the pieces had to be professional, versatile, and affordable, while fitting Cristina’s personality. None of her interviews required a suit so she decided to go with a skirt and blazer. A black blazer and gray pencil skirt (or vice versa) is a great combo because is looks sharp yet not too stuffy, and the pairing flatters everyone. You can mix and match these pieces many different ways so finding quality items that fit you perfectly is a worthwhile investment. The skirt should be longer than your fingertips when your hands are down by your sides, but hit above your knee caps. If you don’t like skirts, you can never go wrong with a pair of well-tailored, wide-leg pants.

For Cristina’s outfit we went to Banana Republic. Theory, J.Crew, and most department stores are also good places to find these basic items. Cristina chose a classic blazer and a gray tweed skirt. She tried on many different blouses before she settled on this pink silk shell with an interesting ruffle detail. Sleeveless is fine for an interview as long as your shoulders remain covered. I love the pop of color on Cristina and jewel tones are perfect for fall. A subtle print could work nicely too, just pick something that reveals your style and personality.

Cristina accessorized the outfit with a black patent leather hobo and a pair of black, pointy-toe pumps. I recommend wearing heels to interviews— they’ll make you feel more professional and stand up straighter. Remember my shoe-shine post? Make sure your footwear is in good condition and scuff-free. Do a test-run of your outfit the night before to make sure everything works together and feels comfortable. If you look in the mirror and feel confident, you’ve chosen wisely.

working girl basics
working girl basics by elisabethcarr featuring calvin klein handbags

I prefer black and gray over brown for interviews. There’s something about brown that can feel more casual.

jewel toned blouses
jewel toned blouses by elisabethcarr featuring sleeveless tank tops

Solid colors like these allow you to play with your accessories a little more, but steer clear of big earrings and bunches of bangles.

print blouses
print blouses by elisabethcarr featuring sheer tops

A print blouse can be a good way to show your style, especially for a creative job interview. I love mixing prints right now, but an interview is not the place to experiment with that look. The skirt on the model above is too short, but I do like the turquoise top, and it’s only $21 from Forever 21! Yumi Kim designs great print blouses too.

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