October 24, 2010

ateqah's winter wardrobe: part 1

photo by Asiya Khaki

My friend Ateqah recently asked me for help planning her winter wardrobe, “I really need to purchase some mix-and-match basics that will get me through the long winter.” Ateqah lives in Brooklyn so the winter is especially long and cold. She already has the great navy wool toggle coat, shown above, and two pairs of heeled oxfords in black and cognac. I asked Ateqah to create a Polyvore inspiration board to help me understand what she likes. I’ll be posting every day over the next week with ideas for Ateqah, and anyone who’s getting ready for a cold winter.

AGK Inspiration Board 10.20.2010
AGK Inspiration Board 10.20.2010 by ateqah featuring wrap around sunglasses

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