October 6, 2010

blog lovin: new faves

I’ve been trying to ramp up my twitter action lately (follow me!) and have come across a bunch of blogs to add to my Google Reader account. Here are a few of my new favorites:

Holier than Now

Anne Colville Somma is a singer/songwriter turned fashion blogger. The tagline of Holier than Now is “divine inspiration for getting dressed.” Her recent post on camel+color certainly inspired me.

photo: holierthannow.com

The Glamourai

Kelly Framel is an expert model blogger and jewelry designer. Her sunglasses collection is pretty amazing and her face is currently on posters all over Forever 21 stores.

photo: theglamourai.com


Victoria Smith showcases “bohemian modern style” on her San Francisco-based blog. She focuses on home decor, which is a nice change for someone like me who reads too many fashion blogs. Smith features guest bloggers like the awesome food writer (and my former coworker), Molly Watson. You can also check out Molly’s recipes on her blog, The Dinner Files.

photo: sfgirlbybay.com

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