October 31, 2010

november rain: lightweight boots

image: the sartorialist

Last week I really enjoyed focusing my blog posts on a theme so I’m trying it again this week. After the first real storm of the season, I figured it would be a good time to talk about rain gear. I used to dread getting dressed for rain because it would mean a boring North Face jacket and squishy shoes. So last year I invested in a cute pair of Jeffrey Campbell rain boots and a waterproof trench by Merrell (it’s like this one but teal and belted). The trench will last me many seasons, but the boots quickly sprung a leak so I’m looking for a new pair. I’m on the fence about going for lightweight and cute or rugged and sturdy. Today I’ll show you a roundup of lightweight options. Check back later this week for heavy duty boots, chic coats, and rainy day outfit inspiration.

lightweight rain boots
lightweight rain boots by missioncloset featuring wellies boots

The green laceups and tall beige pair are both by Loeffler Randall. While certainly chic, the heels are too reminiscent of my leaky boots so I’m hesitant to spend $150+ on either of them. The blue Vivienne Westwood booties also come in black and I love the gold buttons down the side. Aren’t the ones with the bows adorable? They would look so cute with a skirt and tights. I threw in the leopard flats for fun. They say they’re waterproof but what about the tops of your feet? I see myself stopping to empty water out halfway through my walk to Bart.

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