November 28, 2010

20-21 of 30: scarves and bracelets

Here’s one of my Thanksgiving weekend outfits. I got this circle scarf at Gap. I wore it out to a bar and it was a little chilly so I tried putting my arms through it to wear it like a shrug.

It looked a little strange from the back but it kept my shoulders warm.

Day 21 was a lazy Sunday so this is just a simple, casual outfit. Scarves and bracelets have been my go-to during the 30 for 30 to add a little flare.

Here’s another set of African bracelets, made out of recycled plastic bags. I bought them at Global Exchange in Noe Valley. The 30 for 30 has introduced me to a really cool blogger from Namibia, Tanya Turi of T’s Rekindle Blog. We connected over the post where I wore the telephone wire bracelets. I love all of her looks and especially liked her post about shopping local. A good reminder as we start buying holiday presents.

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