November 11, 2010

4 of 30: the bee's knees

Here’s another work oufit. I’m grateful I can dress casually at my office. Two weeks ago a wonderful friend was visiting from out of town. She works for a judge and we went shopping for work clothes. I was pretty shocked to hear that she doesn’t feel comfortable exposing her knees at the office. KNEES. So we found her some really cute (knee-covering) pencil skirts and today I am baring my knees to the whole internet, for all the women out there who have to keep theirs hidden.

The deets:

-The dress is from Target and I wear it all the time because it’s seasonless, just like San Francisco. I roll up the sleeves in the summer or wear tights in the winter.

- I blogged about these bracelets last January after seeing them all over Diane von Furstenberg’s spring ‘10 show. They’re made in Africa out of old telephone wire. I bought mine from Gifts with Humanity via eBay.

-The obi belt is by Taxi CDC and I bought it at Candystore Collective in the Mission. For all my new, non-San Francisco readers, you can shop at Candystore online (post 30 for 30). It’s one of my favorite boutiques.

-This is my first experiment with knee socks. Thoughts?

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