November 12, 2010

5 of 30: hair remix

Yesterday I got a haircut from fellow 30 for 30 remixer, Nicole. She’s been cutting my hair for a few years and I always love the results. I typically diffuse my hair and wear it wavy. I had her blow it out this time for a little remix. You can find her at Grasshopper Salon in South Park.

I’m heading to LA for the weekend so this is a casual Friday/airport outfit. My sister said these Aldo booties remind her of something the Beatles would wear. Recently I was remembering how our mom used to sing us “Yesterday” as a lullaby. I think I would even request it, not realizing that it’s such a sad song. Between that and my Dad’s rendition of “California Girls” (not the Katy Perry one) it’s no wonder I thought it was normal to sing TLC’s “Waterfalls” while lulling my babysitting charges to sleep in high school.

Happy Friday to all!

A little longer in the front.


Hey Jude.

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