November 30, 2010

blog lovin: home+food

As you can imagine, I mostly read fashion blogs. But I also love to peruse interior design and cooking blogs. Here are three I’ve been enjoying lately:

Kate Collins Interiors brings me daily interior design inspiration. Kate is a San Francisco interior designer and a fellow Whitman College graduate. I love her stories about great finds on Craigslist or at the Alameda flea market.

My friend Elena just told me about Copy Cat Chic, a San Francisco design blog by Reichel Brouggard. She’s gal with great style who knows how to find a good deal.

Minneapolis Hunter is the creation of my dear friend Jules. I’m so amazed by how productive she is over a weekend with sewing projects, DIY home decor improvements, and fabulous recipes. Her post on easy homemade bread changed my life.

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