November 3, 2010

november rain: coats

A great rain coat is hard to come by but well worth the investment. There’s nothing wrong with a utilitarian classic from REI, but if you’re looking for something a little more fashion-forward, I got you covered. 

rain coats
rain coats by missioncloset featuring a knit coat

A belted trench raincoat is timeless and always flattering.There are plenty of cute hoodless trenches out there if you don’t mind toting around an umbrella.The Maxstudio cape coat is really striking and I love the plaid one too, but personally I need a hood. I adore the navy polka-dotted coat but unfortunately it’s from the UK and no longer available in most sizes. Sorry, it was too cute to leave out.

sporty chic rain coats
sporty chic rain coats by missioncloset featuring a parka jacket

If you’re looking for something a little sportier, an anorak is a good option. I scored the short-sleeved Ali Ro jacket on super sale at Azalea a couple of years ago. While definitely for warmer weather, I’ve worn it a ton because it’s perfect for travel—it folds up really small and has a hidden hood. I layer a cardigan underneath for colder days. The short, Stella McCartney for Adidas jacket is pretty fierce and that entire line is very cool if you haven’t checked it out. I also love the Lululemon jacket. Everything they touch turns to gold (and sells out in a heartbeat) so I’m sure it would be a good purchase.

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