December 4, 2010

26-27 of 30: wild card

Day 26: I’m getting over my cold so I have a bit more energy for remixing (aka changing out of my pajamas). Since the guy at the corner store was the only person who saw me in my day 25 outfit, I figured I could break out this scarf again. Here’s another way to remix the H&M faux fur. I like the way it can make any jacket look like it has a glam fur collar. It works with cardigans too. 

Another F21 necklace

Day 27: I’ll admit that I was one of the bloggers who paid Kendi $4 for her 30 for 30 remixing guide. And it was $4 well spent. One of her suggestions was to add a “wild card” into the 30 items to keep things interesting. Today I definitely needed my wild card— this leopard-print shrug by CAbi. I’m soooo ready to have the rest of my closet back. Just 3 more days!

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