December 8, 2010

30 of 30: they lived happily ever after

Here’s my last 30 for 30 outfit! I know I’ve showed you a lot of faux fur recently, but remixing the vest more than once was one of my goals and today is my last chance! I changed the bottom half a few times (outtakes below) before I settled on the pencil skirt, polka dot tights, and black flats. I wish I could get all reflective and sappy on the last day of the challenge, but I’m dead tired and can’t find the words at the moment. My company is in the middle of our annual user conference so all my energy has been directed there. I will say that I learned a lot about creative remixing, met a ton of cool bloggers and readers, and have a better understanding of what’s a necessity and what’s a nice-to-have. Thanks for joining me!

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