December 14, 2010

etsy jewelry picks

Etsy has always felt pretty overwhelming to me. So many sellers, so much weird stuff (please tell me you’ve seen Regretsy), and a lot of jewelry I could make myself. How do you find the good stuff without wandering the site for hours? Anytime someone tells me they found great jewelry on Etsy I ask them to send me the seller’s profile. I’ve found some great shops this way. Here are a few sellers I’m into. Do you have any favorite Etsy sellers? 

Crow’s Catch

I went to college with artist and jewelry maker Irene Wood. I bought a few of her pieces back then and lately I really like what she’s selling under her new label, Crow’s Catch.

photos by Irene Wood

Kate Szabone

My coworker Laurie has a pair of Canadian Kate Szabone’s earrings and every time she wears them I want them for my own ears. Kate also makes gorgeous precious rings.


Local Library

I stumbled upon Lauren Haupt’s Etsy store during one of my marathon browsing sessions. When it comes to jewelry, I’m usually looking for something on trend or something totally unique and eye-catching. Lauren’s pieces are definitely part of the latter category.


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