December 15, 2010

old friends

I missed my leather jacket and black booties during the 30 for 30. When I put them on today it felt like I was greeting two old friends I hadn’t seen in…was it just a month? It felt like much longer. The skirt is from J.Crew and it was my first post 30 for 30 purchase. During the challenge I realized I needed a shortish (yet work appropriate) neutral skirt in my life for winter.

The booties are by Sofft from a couple of years ago and they’re extremely comfortable. The necklace is Kyler by Joy O and was in the gift bag at the Polyvore event a few weeks ago. Joy O is a San Francisco jewelry designer who has made it big time with the celebs. Kyler is her sustainable eco-friendly line. I actually already owned a Kyler necklace because I blogged about one last year and my boyfriend went to mission:closet for Christmas gift ideas. He’s a smart one.

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