April 27, 2010


Over the weekend I moved in with my boyfriend. It’s very exciting to share a home with him, and it’s especially exciting to share my new closet with you. The built in storage system is amazing. Never in my life have I had so much room to hang clothes. I’ve always had to jam everything in, double up on the same hanger, and fold items that should be hanging. The extra space might be dangerous, but we have a lot of decorating to do so I probably shouldn’t be thinking about buying clothes. Thank you Nick, for letting me have the big closet. You’re a smart man. 

April 23, 2010

convert for the earth

Continue the Earth Day celebration tomorrow in Berkeley at Convert, a co-ed boutique dedicated to both style and sustainability. Owner Randy Brewer was the clothing buyer for Villains on Haight for twelve years and decided to channel his sartorial skills toward eco-friendly fashion. For the Earth Day event Brewer is teaming up with Nudie Jeans, an organic line, to bring you fabulous food, wine, and denim.

Location: 1809B Fourth Street, Berkeley

April 21, 2010

shop social

Last night I stopped by a Chictopia sponsored shopping event called Shop Social at the W featuring some local designers. My favorite find was the company Serial Cultura. Designer Jennifer Jennings creates vibrant, graphic textiles and turns them into unique tops, dresses and scarves. You can find her pieces at Belljar on 16th Street, AB Fits on Grant and a dozen other places across the country

April 19, 2010

the last pair

I’ve had the Cynthia Vincent for Target debut on my calendar for weeks, after seeing this pair of wedges in the April issues of In Style. Today was the first day of the sale and I knew they’d go fast. I’m moving next weekend so I’ve been pretty consumed with packing for the past two days. When I finally got to the computer today the wedges were already sold out. But I wasn’t prepared to give up. I was at my parents’ house in Berkeley to pick up some kitchenwares and decided to swing by the Albany Target on my way home, just in case they still had the shoes. I beelined to the shoe department and there was only a small rack of Vincent’s shoes. On the very bottom shelf was one pair of the wedges IN MY SIZE! Thank you Target and Cynthia, for $29.99 style.  I can’t wait to wear these colorful sandals with a casual khaki mini skirt or a pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans. 

April 12, 2010

chictopia and model/bloggers

As you can imagine, I read quite a few fashion blogs. Some bloggers feature street style, others give tips on trends by highlighting celebrity fashion, some take photos of themselves in pretty outfits with nice cameras. I call this last type the Model/Bloggers and they seem to be the most prevalent lately. I like to look at these blogs, but you’ve probably noticed mission:closet does not fit in that category. It’s fun to check out what other people are wearing, but I don’t feel I get enough action items when I peruse photos from Model/Bloggers. Chictopia is a social networking site for Model/Bloggers. You start an account and upload what you’re wearing. Or you can also browse looks by body type and style to get inspiration. I’m just starting to play with it so I’ll let you know once I’ve delved a little deeper, but I’d love to hear what you think about Model/Bloggers and Chictopia. Check out the below video or play around on the site and send me your comments please!


April 9, 2010

spring trend: crimson

Stand out in a sea of neutrals this spring by wearing red. The above looks are from Stella McCartney and Phillip Lim’s collections. I especially like a slightly softer, orange tint for the season. Try it as the main event with a trench or a dress, or add a red accessory to brighten up a simple outfit. Pairing red with khaki is a nice way to soften the look and you can never go wrong with just red lipstick. My personal favorite is Chanel’s Rouge Allure in Lover which seems to look great on everyone.

crimson spring
crimson spring by elisabethcarr featuring Mantaray coats

April 7, 2010

bell jar branches out

Bell Jar boutique on 16th and Guerrero, a favorite of many local girls, recently launched an online store to expand their reach beyond the Mission. While it’s difficult to capture the feel of this lovely shop through the internet, they do showcase a nice selection of their unique offerings in clothing and home decor. Customers still motivated to step away from their computers will be rewarded this Thursday evening, April 8th, when Bell Jar hosts a Customer Appreciation Night from 6-9pm. Stop by for cocktails and 20% off spring apparel.

Dolce Vita Hope Floral Dress

Brownie Super 8 Video Camera

Mr. Larkin Raquel Plaid Dress

  Field Specimen Box with Bottles

April 5, 2010

dress on chestnut

Friday was my mom’s 59th birthday and she wanted to have dinner at Bin 38 in the Marina. I rarely get over to that part of town so I arrived a little early to check out some shops. Just around to corner from the restaurant I found Dress, a cute boutique featuring some of my favorite designers like DVF, Marc by Marc, Rebecca Minkoff, Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent, Rebecca Taylor, and Elizabeth and James. They had a great selection of clothes, bags, and jewelry (though a Yelper complained that they only stock small sizes). Everything is quite pricey and they don’t have a sale section, but apparently the entire store goes on sale twice a year—I’ll try to keep you posted. I wasn’t allowed to take any photos so I’ve borrowed the above images from their online store which carries handbags and jewelry. I have to admit it’s pretty annoying when I’m not allowed to take photos in stores, especially in local boutiques. It gives me the impression that they’re “too good” for the press coverage. But the sales girl was really helpful and she talked me through all their jewelry. She also hoped I’d have a “safe trip” back to the Mission!

April 2, 2010

in transition

The weather has been throwing my clothing choices for a loop. One day I’m comfortable in shorts and sandals and the next day weather.com tells me it’s going to pour (but of course I end up in galoshes with clear skies from 10am on). While it’s officially spring, it’s not quite time to break out the sundresses and tank tops, but winter wear is too heavy. Here are some tips for dressing during the transition:

1. Layer, layer, layer: If you haven’t learned to layer yet then you can’t consider yourself a San Franciscan. For this transitional period try lightweight layering: summer scarves, tissues tees, cardigans, denim and leather jackets. Photos:WhoWhatWear

2. Mix lights and darks: At first I was a little thrown off by all the mixing and matching of neutrals and dark tones but now I love it. It’s the perfect feel for winter meets spring. Play around with dark tights and boots with a creme colored dress or vice versa. A light palette for the foundation and darker accessories works well. Photos: WhoWhatWear and ShopBop

3. Trench it: Trench Coats are not only totally on trend, they are also the perfect outerwear for San Francisco. Buy one you love because they are timeless here in our nearly seasonless city. Wear it in the winter with layers of scarves and sweaters or on a cool summer night over a cute dress with the sleeves rolled up. For this transitional period I especially like the look of a neutral trench with a dark dress. Photo: Instyle.com

4. Light colored tights: Stay warm but spring appropriate with a pair of light colored tights. Try nude or taupe fishnets or lace options to add fun texture. I love the look of them with sandals and shorts. Think outside the box! Photo: J.Crew fishnet tights.

5. Summer boots: Black or dark colored boots always feel very winter to me (plus I’m so sick of mine after wearing them 3+times a week for the past 6 months). Light colored boots work well for spring, especially if they are close to your skin tone. Wear them with a skirt and your light colored tights or go bare if it’s warm enough. The neutral color and a low heel will keep you safely out of hooker territory and put you right on trend.  Photo:InStyle.com