January 19, 2011

byer too!

Has anyone else happened upon the brand Byer Too! while thrifting? I see the tag a lot, especially on dresses. I found this Byer Too! dress at Painted Bird. I’ve often wondered about the brand. Most of the dresses seem to be 70s-80s styles. I imagined it to be the Charter Club or BP of an obsolete department store like Emporium Capwell (does anyone else remember the mini amusement park on the roof of the San Francisco Centre?). I conducted a brief Google search on Byer Too! and found their website, byer.com. Their first article of clothing to hit the market was a white blouse in 1964. And it turns out Byer actually still makes womens and girls clothing clothing for Macy’s, which bought Emporium in 1995. So my guess wasn’t far off! Judging from their currently featured styles, I’ll be sticking with the vintage goods.

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  1. there's a designer/label called Amy Byer that I used to see in department stores - in the Juniors' section.