January 24, 2011

musthave monday: breton stripes

Breton Stripes

Breton Stripes by missioncloset featuring striped tees

I only recently learned the proper name for French nautical tees--Breton stripes. I knew they originally came from the South of France and it turns out Brittany was apparently the exact location. I blogged about them after my return from France last June, yet I had no idea they'd become so huge here just a season later. Now the stripes are everywhere, and I'm loving it. I'll be wearing my stripes tomorrow in honor of a new blogger project by Linda of The Auspicious Life and Liz of 26 and Counting. I won't give away all the details just yet, but I promise you'll learn many ways to wear Breton stripes.


  1. Man, you should be on our staff as a researcher. This is a great preview for us. Thanks :)

    I love your new blogger site!

    The Auspicious Life

  2. I have that blazer, or one very similar and I love it. I bought my neice a breton striped sweater from Brittany, France during my last trip there two years ago. Why didn't I pick one up for myself?!!