January 6, 2011

smudges on the mirror

Please excuse the “spots” on my jacket. They’re actually just smudges on my mirror that I was too lazy to clean today. Here’s my Aritzia blazer again, this time dressed down. It was one of those rare days I felt compelled to wear mostly black. But my bracelet is slate blue. It was a Christmas present from Dana, the fabulous gift-giver, and I love it. She has a similar one that I admired and so she thoughtfully got me my very own for Christmas. Isn’t she the best? I gave her jam.

Can you guess what it’s made of? No? Ok, I’ll just tell you: it’s carp skin! Crazy right? Adhered to leather somehow and dyed blue. 

The designer is Leighelena from Austin and I just love the logo she stamps on the inside of the bracelets. Check out her site for more cool colors and crazy skins.

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