January 25, 2011

three ways: breton stripes


Today I'd like to introduce you to Everybody, Everywhere, a new website by Linda and Liz. The idea is that different bloggers style a similar clothing item, post the look to their blogs, and post on Everybody Everywhere. Last month was gingham and today is Breton stripes. So check out the website if you're into stripes and want some more ideas for how to style them. Above I'm wearing a shirt I bought at Kookai in Paris last June. I like the twist on the traditional stripes with the lines printed to look like threads and the drawn on buttons.

And because I love striped tees so much, here are a couple more looks. The one on the left was from the Fall 30 for 30. Both tops are navy, sorry it's hard to see in the light. I'm committing to using my tripod more often so hopefully things are going to start looking a little better here on mission:closet. I'm also going to try to pose with my hand on my hip less frequently!


  1. Wow, you outdid yourself! The Kookai top? So cute. Too much.
    The second top? Sleek & sophisticated. The third? Love the stripes with your red skirt.

  2. Breton Stripes from actually France?! You are making us all look bad by comparison! Seriously though, I love that shirt. I liked the penciled in line look and those great little details. With that maxi skirt you look like you were snapped up in Paris!

    The Auspicious Life

  3. What an adorable striped top! And it's from France no less. I think you win the most authentic striped shirt award.

  4. those drawn buttons are so sweet!

  5. what an awesome shirt - i love it! and i love all of these breton stripe looks you've worn!

  6. So authentic! I love your various iterations of breton stripes. :)

  7. OK that first top is SO cute!
    And all these outfits are very cute as well!

  8. you had me at the drawn-on shirt. the stripes, sure, but the buttons?!?! love. seriously. so awesome. and i'm loving your long skirt, too--so comfy and warm and just a great pairing with your striped outfit. looks fabulous.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (my daily outfit blog)

  9. I genuinely thought you'd diy'd that top t-shirt, its really cute!
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