February 21, 2011

portlandia part 2: outfits

Vince sweater, H&M tee, Banana Republic necklace, J.Crew belt

J.Crew sweater and shirt, Rikka scarf, J Brand jeans, Aldo shoes
Ann Taylor top, H&M scarf
It was chilly in Portland and I realized how wimpy I really am--no outdoor photos for this girl in the winter. Luckily our hotel room was hipstered out with some faux graffiti and dictionary wallpaper.

On Sunday I met up with fellow 30 for 30 remixer Linda for coffee (Day 19).  Shes lives in Portland and it was great to chat about blogging over warm beverages at Stumptown. I have a couple more Portlandia posts coming up- how to shop for red lipstick and a cute boutique find. Stay tuned!


  1. That wallpaper is awesome! And how fun that you and Linda were able to meet up!!!

  2. Hi Linda! I think I need some tips on styling my hair in the North West, you both did such a great job!