February 22, 2011

portlandia part 3: the hunt for red lipstick

The main purpose of our trip to Portland was to visit my dear friend Arianna and her fiance Matt. One afternoon Ari and I went on a hunt for red lipstick. We decided to go with MAC because I've always liked the texture of their lipsticks and the pricepoint. Ari and I have very different skin tones so it was cool to see the way the shades transformed on each of us.

Ari purchased a brick tone called Dubonnet. I love the way it's red while still looking natural.

Lipsticks with a little blue tend to look best with my coloring so I went for the bright MAC Red.


  1. I have that lipstick! Love it!

  2. im pretty new to red lipstick, but im kind of in love with it. looks fab on both of you! :)

  3. thanks lady! i bet you'd look great in a red lip.