March 21, 2011

guest blogger: cheetah for spring

Alicia of Cheetah is the New Black in an Equipment Blouse. borrowed Ani Lee Skirt. Banana Republic Clutch. Vintage Bracelets.

 During the fall I wholeheartedly jumped on the cheetah print bandwagon. I wore it all season long, and loved the way it added a touch of glam to any outfit. But now I'm wondering how to transition my cheetah print pieces into spring, so I asked an expert, Alicia of Cheetah is the New Black, for her thoughts on how to incorporate cheetah into warmer weather outfits. Here are her tips:

"True cheetah / leopard fanatics such as myself, sport these prints year round (it's a classic in my mind). For those who are leery, let me assure you those animal print pieces you purchased this past fall will all transition straight into spring. Two easy ways to wear cheetah or leopard print are 1) on your bag or 2) on your feet. Animal prints act as the perfect accent piece, adding an element that is both equal parts fun and edgy (my favorite combination) to your outfit. One of my favorite trends this spring is vibrant color. I am especially looking forward to wearing the color orange and plan to accent it with cheetah print sweaters, bags, belts and heels. Don't be afraid to play around with cheetah / leopard prints, as long as you keep them as the accent piece in your ensemble you can't go wrong and will be completely on trend this spring!"

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Photos courtesy of Cheetah is The New Black


  1. love this - the guest blogger idea is always so cute. and alicia's outfit is fab, totally agree on the cheetah shoes/bag. such a great way to rock this trend!

  2. CheetahisthenewblackMarch 21, 2011 at 9:45 AM

    Thanks for asking me to guest post for you! This was so fun to write up :) xx

  3. Thank YOU Alicia! I love your tips and this outfit!

  4. great tips! I definitely wear my flats all year round!

  5. Great topic! I am not ready to let go of my animal print infatuation or Peg Bundy wardrobe just because it's springtime. Thanks for this.



  6. How fun! I'm wearing a leopard print dress on my blog today! I think I need some more animal print in my life...maybe a fun belt?

  7. Oh i love your outfit! The dress is adoreable and you look really beautiful!