March 10, 2011

to the max

H&M cardigan and dress, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Camper shoes

I wore this outfit all day last Saturday--to brunch, shopping, lounging around the house, and out to a casual dinner. I like the way maxi dresses can work for many different occasions. It's warming up in San Francisco but it was still a little chilly over the weekend so I played around with socks and sandals. I've decided I strongly prefer the look on me when I'm wearing a long dress or pants opposed to shorter hemlines because the socks tend to cut my legs short. Not flattering. In other news the Kate Spade event is tonight. Hope to see you there!


  1. I Love the print on this dress. This looks like such a cute but comfy outfit. I might need to give maxi dresses a try (I still never have). Also the socks and sandals look great!

  2. what a pretty maxi dress! and socks with sandals?! you adorable rebel you. i love this--that blue cardigan is SUCH a pretty color.

  3. I GASPED at the socks/sandals beauty here, Elisabeth. It's just perfect with the soft floral maxi! You seem so Bay Area ;)

  4. You have such a beautiful smile! And the flower print ... just lovely!