April 1, 2011

425 hayes

A few weeks ago I hung out in Hayes Valley with some girlfriends. I forgot to post these photos of a new store I found, 425 Hayes, the sister store of the ever popular Azalea Boutique. 425 Hayes is now the home of the high end designers Azalea used to carry and some new ones too. They have clothes for men and women so stop by next time you're in the hood. Beware, it might have a new name by then. I hear they chose 425 Hayes (the address) until they think of something better.


  1. Love Azalea so I'll definitely have to check this out!

  2. your next before & after project: ME!

  3. I need a wall of shoes!
    Funny about the name of the store
    Have a great weekend

  4. Oooh I went here about 2 months ago when I first moved to SF because Hayes Valley isnt too too far from me. Azalea was definitely one of my favorite boutiques on the street! The sale prices were really cheap! There was also a Korean? shop down the street that was pretty cool too, but it was quite pricey!

  5. I kinda need that jacket from the last picture - gorgeous!