April 22, 2011

happy earth day

H&M conscious collection

H&M conscious collection by missioncloset featuring flare dresses

I've been curious about the H&M Conscious Collection for a while, so I figured Earth Day was a good time to do a little research. Their sustainable mission includes using recycled and organic materials to meet the needs of present and future generations. They're using fabrics like hemp, sustainable cotton, and Tencel/Lyocell which uses minimal land, chemicals, and produces lower greenhouse emissions. Learn more here.

Today I'd also like to give a shout out to my dear friend Jess Chamberlain, who truly celebrates earth day every day. She's a home editor at Sunset Magazine and recently wrote an amazing article about a zero waste family. The story was picked up by the Today Show this week and Jess makes a cameo.


  1. This is awesome...I wish I could and want to implement more into our home to reduce waste! We're getting smart meters at home soon and I'm excited to start with that and save energy when we're not at home.

    I went to check out the conscious collection the other day at Union square, some of the things were actually pretty cute. It always makes me wonder why all of it cant be made the same way but I think H&m is moving that way anyway.

  2. Awesome, go H&M. So glad I got to meet you at the Blogger event. I love your blog here, and am following you on Bloglovin. I look forward to being aided in my move toward the SF fashion scene. =]

  3. Go Jess! Great piece on the Today Show!

  4. Go Jess! Great piece on the Today Show!

  5. I caved and got that jacket plus a little white dress that I'll wear as a top. Love it - perfect for summer!