April 20, 2011

thread show finds

A couple of weeks ago I stopped by the SF Thread Show at the Metreon with my friend Monica. Overall I was a disappointed with the clothing selection, but I did find some cool local jewelry designers. The necklaces above are by Dear Mina.  

Leather earrings by Fahmina

Leather bracelets by Marissa del Rosario

Venus Superstar  and  Fahmina earrings I brought home


  1. Ooh, great finds! I really love the first necklace. Plus, it's always great to shop local

  2. Dear Mina was hands down my favorite booth at the whole thing. I was also really disappointed with the quality and the selection of clothing. It wasn't what I expected!

  3. Last year there were some cool clothing designers. Maybe they didn't get enough foot traffic to repeat.

  4. FashionistaontourApril 21, 2011 at 1:55 AM

    I have to say my favourite is the bracelets but then again I'm the kinda girl who always needs to have her arm full of bangles, leather braceletes or anything to cover up all the way up to my elbow nearly.

    I have beemn browinf through your posts and I have to say I love the pleated skirt you were sporting a few posts ago. I need to find one that's flattering but I am having some trouble...they all make me look HIPpy not sure why :-(



  5. i love the bracelets and the 2nd pair of earrings you bough are super cool