April 12, 2011

when two become one

Gap jacket, H&M dress, F21 belt, Camper shoes

PLEASE tell me you loved the Spice Girls as much as I did in the late nineties. If not, the true meaning of the title of this post is lost on you. But you can still understand that two topics have merged into one here. #1 is that it's Maxi dress day on Everybody Everywear. Go check out the other bloggers who styled this spring essential. #2 is that I'm finally posting photos from the blogger photo shoot! This was the outfit I wore en route to the shoot in the pouring rain. As Elena and I approached the studio on foot, a car drove into the gutter and splashed a SHEET of water all over us. We screamed. It was cinematic. Fortunately the floral print hid the damage. 

The lovely Eli of Thrift Eye
Have you seen the photos from the shoot over on Eli and Becca's blogs? Take a look!

Photos by Jorge Novoa


  1. Im old enough to get the title lol

  2. Love the denim with the floral!
    All you needed was a floppy hat.
    How fun, a photo shoot. I would be such a ham they would ask me to leave. lol

  3. you look gorgeous!!
    you have to help me shop when you are in town!!

  4. Loving the maxi and denim jacket! And I spy shoes that look very much like vivienne westwood ones on your friend!

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    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  5. Love the pattern of the maxi!

    Monique xx


  6. Lovin' the pattern of this maxi!! You look great!
    And yes, I loved the Spice Girls too. Actually, I think I still do. ;)

  7. Fashion_Confessions_of_a_MommyApril 12, 2011 at 9:37 PM

    Great dress with jean jacket combo. I love the cover shot of you laughing. Very editorial.


  8. Love the outfit. You are too cute. And of course, I LOVED the Spice Girls. Me and my friends learned the choreography they did in a performance after we recorded it on my vcr. Studied it and watched it over and over until we finally had it down. Good times.

  9. I still cant believe you got splashed!

    I'm glad you have a secret love for Spice Girls :) I begged my mom to buy me a cassette tape one summer in Mexico because it was so cheap (bootleg), the tape said Space Girls! But I loved it!

  10. You're adorable!! I loved this outfit. It's just so simple and perfect for spring. I can't wait to see the rest of the photos you chose - you know how much I loved that pleated skirt outfit that you were wearing that night!!

  11. hahaha. Space Girls sounds even better!

  12. I really wish you had a recording of that so you could post it on your blog. Tell me it was to Spice Up Your Life!

  13. Your smile in infectious! :D Great EBEW look!


    P.S: I´m having a 100$ beauty giveaway for Chanel, YSL... products. I thought you might be interested! ;)

  14. I love this floral maxi, such cute shots!

  15. These photos are b-e-a-utiful! And, I loved The Spice Girls, too! I always wanted to be Posh :)

  16. I'm SO SO late to the game here, but I love these pictures. You look GORGEOUS and you look like you are having so. much. fun.