May 5, 2011

the (other) oc

I couch-hopped during most of my stay in New York (thank you Claudia, Andrea, Charlie, and Ateqah!), but the last two nights Nick and I decided to splurge on a room at the Ace Hotel. I've long been a big fan of Opening Ceremony and was psyched to learn they had a store in the hotel. I drooled over their gorgeous clothes and tried on a dozen pairs of sunglasses, just for fun. Until I found a pair I couldn't live without...

Stiletto chairs
Pizza couch
Photos via Opening Ceremony

New Rodarte for Opening Ceremony sunglasses making their debut on the Highline


  1. The shop looks sooo cool! Seeing all your fun photos totally make me want to plan a trip to NY!!

  2. I am so jealous! At the risk of sounding like a back-woods kind of gal - I don't think we have a store like that within 300 miles of us! Looks like some fun stuff and a cool shopping experience!

  3. I've never been to Opening Ceremony. That's on purpose. I have a feeling my bank account would be leaving a whole lot lighter! Your sunnies are adorable. They're such a fun shape.

  4. This is so awesome, I've only been to the Opening Ceremony in LA. The layout there is so strange, it's like five stores in one. The first time I went I misunderstood the first part of the store and thought that was all there was and left without seeing the rest! The next time I got to see all the amazing things they had that I was used to only seeing online because at the time I was still living in Vegas, so none of those things ever made it out there. This is pretty awesome that they had the Opening Ceremony inside the hotel!

  5. So cool, thanks for sharing. Love this photo of you - your hair, smile, sunglasses, jacket! Gorgeous!

  6. i love your new york pics! so jealous you got to go! i am dying to go to opening ceremony! awesome sunglasses :-)

    hope to see you at a meetup soon!