May 27, 2011

Hi, my name is Maggie.

I was wearing harem pants long before Kim Kardashian.

Oh hey there! I'm Maggie, Elisabeth's sister. That is me on the far left, bravely surfing on a killer whale. Elisabeth was really scared, but I wasn't. A lot of people ask Elisabeth "Is it hard to have such a stylish and brave sister?" She sighs and says, "I just try and take it one day at a time." Actually, if we're being completely honest, Elisabeth has always been very au courant, introducing me to NKOTB, scrunchies, My So Called Life, and flatforms (back when they were cool in the 90s). 

Right now you're thinking, "Ok. Ok. Enough about Elisabeth. What about you, Maggie? What makes you tick? Who is your style inspiration?" I'm so glad you asked. I would describe my style as Napoleon-chic. I'll let this Polyvore set do the talking for me...

Jacques-Louis David's Napoleon
Who doesn't want to dress like Nap B? No one.

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Vive le France! Er...les Etats-Unis!

Who is that cute little girl also having fun on the whale? Oh, that's Caroline, our littlest (and most sensitive) sister. 


  1. That is the best picture ever!  I hope you all have an enlarged copy displayed somewhere in your homes!

  2. What a hysterical picture (and a pretty funny sister too!).

  3. This may just be the most awesome photo ever! I love how mom is holding onto the shirt :)