May 11, 2011

nothing fancy

Gap jacket, F21 dress, Dun Up Boutique vintage necklace, Camper shoes
There's nothing fancy about this outfit, just something I wore around for errands a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post. Lately my jean jacket is a real go-to item, just like back in 1st-3rd grade when I couldn't leave home without one (and a side ponytail).


  1. Cute outfit! I love my demin jacket, especially this time of year... but I want to yell at my boyfriend everytime he says, "I like that you're wearing a Canadian tuxedo." Uhhh... darling... it's only a Canadian tuxedo if you wear denim pants with the jacket...

  2. such a cute and relaxed looked and i bet you felt like you were wearing pj's all day - bonus!