May 4, 2011

topshop soho

One of my favorite places to shop during my trip to New York was the massive Topshop in Soho. I would have found it overwhelming had it not been for a great tip from a Topshop-loving friend who recommended their free Personal Shopping service. I called the store one morning and made an appointment for later the same day. I met with Melanie in the Personal Shopping area of the store where I was greeted with a bottle of water, jars of candy, cupcakes, and a huge dressing room just for me. I had given her my size when I called and told her I was looking for summer clothes, so Melanie had pulled a few pieces for me before I arrived. We also walked through the store together picking out items as we went. She described the way the store was organized by trend (currently featuring Gypsy Rocker, Colour Clash, Graduation, and Swedish Summer). It was so helpful to work with a fashion forward stylist who gave me guidance on fit and trends. I left with a few great pieces that I'll feature on the blog soon. Here's a glimpse of the items I couldn't bring home with me.


  1. This place looks amazing!

  2. CheetahisthenewblackMay 4, 2011 at 9:33 AM

    Um , that is amazing - I had no idea they did this!! If anything for the water + candy and luxury of your own huge dressing room!

  3. You've been all about the personal shopping!! Didn't you do the same at Club Monaco. I have to say I love the thrill of the chase too much to let someone else do my shopping for me, but it still sounds tempting. Topshop is one of my faves - I hear rumors they're trying to open a SF store. I would be ecstatic.