June 6, 2011

musthave monday: thick-strap sandals

summer sandals

summer sandals by missioncloset featuring flat shoes

Though it doesn't feel anything like summer in San Francisco, it's still time to buy a fun pair of sandals. In fact, I think this will help summer come faster. Or at least prepare you for trips to warmer locales. I started my search on the internet and found myself continually drawn to sandals with thicker straps. There's something that feels very put-together about them. I'd love to wear any one of these pairs with a maxi dress or my favorite pair of jean shorts. 


  1. those nude woven dolce vitas are perfection! 

  2. Sarah Swell JewelryJune 6, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    I second the nude Dolce Vita pair!  Why must you tease us so?  I want to go shopping NOW :)

  3. Ahhh love these sandals even though we may entirely not be able to wear
    them as we like. I saw a girl the other day doing it right. She still
    had pants/leggings on, so mostly warm but wearing cute sandals. A great
    compromise for us.

  4. love them all
    i do have a couple of pair for this summer