June 22, 2011

packing tips: eagle creek

Easy packing with Eagle Creek luggage

"Packing" as I knew it totally changed during my trip to Spain. Due to several airline connections and too many lost luggage experiences, I decided I had to carry on, but I've never been great at packing light.  I did some research  before my trip and decided I needed to invest in a great suitcase and some clothing organizers. My friend works at the Container Store so I picked his brain about the best options. He highly recommended the Eagle Creek luggage line and their organizer system. Guys, I'll never travel without them EVER AGAIN. The 20'' suitcase was small enough to fit in international overhead compartments and the organizing cubes and folders helped me fit everything I needed for the 10-day trip. I always knew where things were in my bag and my clothes stayed relatively wrinkle-free. Click on the link below the slideshow for descriptions of how I used each product. You can find everything at the Container Store and they all happen to be on sale until June 26th. 


  1. my husband travels all the time
    he swears by the shirt packer thingy
    loves eagle creek anything

  2. Eagle Creek is hands down the best.  :D  I have packed it all over the world: on dogsled trips to Greenland, biking trips across Thailand, study abroad in London and it has endured.  I can compartmentalize everything and anything and find it throughout my trip, no problem.  One of my rolling bags that I swear has built in four-wheel drive because it rolls over anything has a backpack that zips on and off the front and additional hardy backpack straps that can tuck in or pull out to turn the WHOLE THING into a quick get away pack.  Amazing.  They have an amazing guarantee and have fixed things that the dang airlines have ripped, shredded, burned, or completely torn off.  Anyway, I thought I would share and commiserate! :D

  3. Thanks for the testimonial! So glad to know a world traveler like yourself agrees with me! 

  4. Same can be said to you...my gushing was really just excitement about being validated! haha :D