June 7, 2011

Spain part 2: the boutiques

Nue boutique
Back when I studied abroad in Spain, I rarely tempted myself by going into boutiques because I was on such a strict budget. This time, I allowed myself to peek. I found two great shops in the Chueca neighborhood along Calle Campoamor. One was called Nue and it was just a basic boutique with a variety of European designers like Sienna Miller's Twenty8Twelve. The other was La cabeza bien amueblada- a boutique, hair salon, and furniture store all in one. They had a great selection of shoes and I loved one dress in particular by Basque designer Cristina Triana that was covered in elephants.

Twenty8Twelve dress at Nue

La cabeza bien amueblada

Basque designer Cristina Triana


  1. so fabulous - makes me want to travel! :)

  2. so fabulous - makes me want to travel! :)

  3. i wanted to take them all home with me but no room in my bag :(