September 28, 2011

alexa, poppy, and snoop

Photo by Angie Paglino 
Last Thursday was a pretty crazy night for me. Alexa Chung was promoting her new line at Madewell so Santina, Eli, Angie, and I figured we'd stop by to see her and the collection. Alexa is clearly a style icon and it turns out she has a great personality to match. She's ADORABLE and quirky and super sweet. Not to mention absolutely gorgeous, of course. Check out Katie's interview with Alexa on Refinery 29 for further proof of her awesomeness.

Next we went to Kate Spade where they were hosting a party with San Francisco Magazine featuring lipstick readings by Poppy King. I remember reading about Poppy in Seventeen Magazine when I was in high school and I looove lipstick so I was pretty excited to meet her. Like Alexa, Poppy was incredibly sweet and fun. She helped me pick out a sheer fuchsia lipstick that I can't stop wearing. 

I was exhausted after the two events so I went home, put on my PJs, and was just starting to get cozy on the couch when Nick sent me a text. He was at a party where Snoop Dogg was about to perform and he had a wristband for me. Needless to say, I threw on some clothes and rounded out my evening with some Gin and Juice. Sadly I didn't capture any good photos at the party but below are some more from Kate Spade. 

Adelle went home from with a pretty light pink lipstick. 
Santina wasn't a "lipstick girl" until she met Poppy
Madewell shirt, J Crew skirt, Botkier bag, Kate Spade party favor flower


  1. OMG - i love that you have a pic with alexa!  i am green... :)

  2. You guys all look adorable. I'm bummed that I couldn't make it. It sounds like it was a great night!

  3. What a night!  ps - loving the leopard print skirt!  

  4. Two events I wish I got the chance to make... looked like so much fun! Love the flower pin on you, totally makes the outfit. :) 

  5. If only you had stayed 2 more days! SO glad I bought the skirt :) Hope you're enjoying your goodies. 

  6. CheetahisthenewblackSeptember 28, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    How awesome you got to meet her and it's great to hear she has a fun personality to match her amazing style. ;)

  7. Your outfit is adorable, and the lipstick suits you perfectly. I wish I'd known about these events! I think Alexa Chung is amazing--I wish I could wear flats and dresses with such panache.

  8. Thanks Kate! Alexa really does work the flats so well. Though that night she was wearing these in leopard:  

  9. grace - stripes & sequinsSeptember 28, 2011 at 3:20 PM

    I love Poppy!  This looks like so much fun.  Cute outfit!!!