January 18, 2012

style rut remedies

rut remedies

I find myself in a style rut every January (hence why I've been terrible about posting outfits lately). I'm no longer excited about winter trends, stores are picked over and don't have spring lines in yet, and it's way too cold to break out spring anyway. But I'm determined to overcome the rut, because we still have a few months of dreary weather ahead of us. Here's how I've beat the January blues in the past:

Accessorize: Scarves, necklaces (long, short, layers), hats, piles of bangles, stacks of rings, belts, hair clips, clutches. Add a little something extra to every outfit. (Or take something away if you typically accessorize. Sometimes simple is better.)

Add color: Try new color combinations, wear a different color every day, play with bright lipstick.

Remix: Consider taking Kendi's 30 for 30 Remix challenge to learn how to make new outfits with clothes you already own. Or invent your own remix.

Plan ahead: Perhaps I'm just not spontaneous, but I've realized that most of my favorite outfits are ones I've thought about ahead of time, not the ones I frantically throw on when I'm in a rush. Try planning out your outfits for a week and see if you discover some fun new combinations.

Take risks: We all have items in our closets that we don't wear because we think we can't "pull them off" or they're a little "too fashion forward." Lose the inhibitions and take some risks. You bought it for a reason! Chances are you can pull it off. If you don't feel good in it by the end of the day, find a new home for it, like on Poshmark.

Make an inspiration board: Clip images that inspire you to Pinterest or flip through your favorite magazines and hang up photos that make you excited about getting dressed.

Play with polish: I'm always surprised by how a new nail color can really transform my mood and my outfit. I wear bright red when I want to feel bold and fresh, or dark colors when I'm feeling a little rocker-esque.

Shop with a friend: I love shopping with friends who encourage me to try new things. Shop with people whose style you admire and take note of what they like and how they shop.

Read style books: Whenever I need some inspiration, I re-read my favorite chapters in the Who What Wear books or Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange. These women just get it.


  1. I  love all your ideas.  I feel the same every January.  I am so over the winter clothes.  I like the idea of mixing  colors in new ways and wearing something that has been in the closet but you have not worn at all this winter.  Why keep those pieces if you don't wear them?

  2. yes all great ideas. I love mixing in colors when I'm in a style rut weather it's nail polish or pieces of jewelry. I also loooove playing with prints when i'm in a style rut. Just mixing it up a bit helps.


  3.    I also like the idea of mixing  colors in new ways:)