February 12, 2012

spring ahead: rainbow bright

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned pastels are a hot trend for Spring. Well, it turns out super bright and bold also happen to be on the forecast, in a huge way. I was at Bloomingdale's yesterday and the colors popped out at me everywhere I turned. Chartreuse, turquoise, magenta, poppy, neon, neon, neon. I think I saw bold hues from every single designer they carry. I'm guessing the head-to-toe color block look isn't for everyone, but I challenge those who prefer the black/neutrals safe zone to branch out this Spring and play with color. Accessories can go a long way. Try a vibrant scarf, colorful earrings or bright ballet flats. 
Even Vince, who is often known for muted tones, is going bright this season. I especially love the mustard shorts. 
A trend so strong even Bloomingdale's will modify their little brown bags.  
Dolce Vita suede turquoise booties. They also come in bright red. 


  1. Kind of loving those Dolce Vita Sued turquoise booties! LOVE! Hope I am seeing you on Wednesday at NM!

  2. great photos.  I have noticed the same trends.  I have some colorful shots from Louis Vuitton I will post soon.