April 13, 2012

April 5, 2012

neon lip balm

Long time no see! Apologies for my inconsistent posting lately. Things have been busy with the new job but I'm happy to report I love it. The commute has been an adjustment but I'm blogging from my phone on the shuttle as we speak! I'm aiming to post once or twice a week for a while. I'm also going to try posting more tidbits on my Facebook page and instagram.

Today I want to share my latest beauty find, Sephora's new line of Hot Hues neon lip balms. I picked up the fuchsia one for $10 this weekend after seeing it featured in Bazaar. I loved the subtle pop of color when I tried it on at the store. I haven't had the heart to wear mine yet because the jello-like, translucent stick is just too pretty. It also comes in coral, hot pink, and purple.

spring ahead: art deco

Art Deco

Art Deco by missioncloset featuring knee length evening dresses

Many people attribute the art deco trend we saw all over the Spring '12 runways to the upcoming release of Baz Lurmann's rendition of The Great Gatsby. I think Marion Cotillard's fabulous costumes in Midnight in Paris also deserve some credit. Art deco inspired jewelry is a low profile way to wear this trend and a flapper style dress would make a glam statement at a cocktail party or spring wedding.

more istanbul

April 2, 2012

Istanbul street style

My family and I are just beginning a trip to visit my sister who is studying abroad in Tel Aviv. We reunited yesterday in Istanbul and we'll be here for a few days before we head to Israel. I'll try to post some pics during my travels. For now I'll share this street style pic of a guy I saw in Topkapi Palace this morning. The hair! The white blazer and loafers! He was even wearing an ascot. I'm pretty devastated I didn't capture it.