June 6, 2012

a vest

the denim vest

the denim vest by missioncloset on polyvore.com

A denim vest is a new addition to my rotation this season. Mira of Mira Mira was wearing an awesome one all last summer, so when the sun came out this spring I found myself remembering how cute she looked and decided I needed one too. Sure, they're not terribly practical (especially in SF where sleeves are pretty necessary year-round) but there's just something perfect about the way a denim vest adds that casual-cool touch. I especially love them with skirts and dresses of all lengths. Mira Mira has some great Washborn Denim vests in stock now.


  1. cool blog, following you! hope you follow me back?:)

  2. Loving all the outfits...those are awesome!